If you look at the modern classic line of Triumph, there is no bicycle that would match the one-time performance of Thrickton. This is one of the best viewers between their ranks (Bonneville Bobber can be a little fan), but undoubtedly, it’s the only one that can give the middle superpores a race for their money. It’s, in my humble opinion, the best coffee shop that can buy money in the world.

However, all this comes at the price of convenience. Being with Thrukton is not the best motorcycle and if you are nutritious like me, you consider it a viable option for most street scenarios. Fortunately, for all of you, those who are not like me have brought a smart, friendly and more important, more affordable motorcycle from Triomph Thrickton. See Speed ​​Tv.2019-triumph-speed-twin-review

The Speedometer crossed the previous triple digit by building a nearly straight, two-way road in the Mallorca rolling range, far from the east coast of the mainland of Spain. The traffic is rare, and the over-clocking of a casual single car does not require a down-shifting up to six-speed gearbox. Only the gentle roll on the Throttle, and 1200 cc, the Triumph pulls forward while convincing the Double-trust in parallel to the Twin. And beyond the limits of speed, a two-speed speed cylinder can be obtained from the engine without any apparent effort. But the maximum speed is not about 2019 Speed ​​Twin.

Triumph says the new high-speed twin is the result of market demand – after talks with current customers in the Bonneville range. And those conversations clearly showed that like a twin street-level street, the easy, easy-to-be Bonneville is required, but with some other omphs and pizzas. Therefore, three years later, Speed Twin was born. He has more heart than Street Twin, Thrxston R. The 1200 CC Bonneville “High Power” is borrowing the engine, but this aggressive coffee racer is lightweight with a more honest and easy ergonomic comparison with the style. Thrckston R.

This is a typical DNA in Bonneville in design, but Speed ​​Twin has a more vivid, sporty and muscular silhouette, precisely what Bonneville needs to be modern and modern. There is still a retro flavor in the overall design, and the dual digital gel for the screen is the eternal Bonnyville style with two analog watches.

But the details include the modern custom touches of signature-brushed aluminum bits in a short mudguard, throttle body cover, side panels, and heel protectors. There are other clean touches, such as the minimum LED taillights and indicators, the moon’s fuel filler cap and the mirror on the side of the bar.2019-triumph-speed-twin-review

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Despite the fact that this name is not completely new, and Triumph has returned to its preserved past – in 1938, to be exact, it is called the Speed ​​Twin. In 1938, Triumph Speed ​​Twin was the child of the chief designer of Triumph and Managing Director Edward Turner of that time, and she used a vertical double on the top of 500 cubic meters. He became one of the most commercially successful parallel twins of his time and is considered to be entirely responsible for.


The existence of the Triumph after the Second World War. Now, the 2019 Speed ​​Twin that the Triumph hopes to create is a similar fan, probably making it almost as popular as its younger brother-street twin. The promise of Speed ​​Twin is the Triumph Thriftton R performance, with light ergonomics similar to the Triumph Street Twin technology. But the 2019 Speed ​​Twin is not quite a street twin with a big motor.

Speed ​​Twin is not something that can be called a high-performance screen, but the last member of the Triomphe Boneville family is not. New Thrust – New Dual Engines: A torque of more than 100 nm is available from more than 2000 beams, with a speed of 112 nm of 4,950 rpm.

The engine has a specific rumor about inflammation of about 270 degrees and has a strong low and medium range. In fact, on the northern coast of Mallorca, in white granite mountains, the third and fourth moves were sufficient to cross the point of inflection; I rarely need to go to another to accelerate. It will be a blessing in motion, without the need for constant gear changes.


 The engine also has a lightweight magnesium case, light grip, and a lightweight inner component. In all, the engine is a bit lighter than 2.5 kilos compared to Thruxton R itself. Light cast discs combine brushed aluminum parts to reduce weight. At least 7 kg less light than Speed Twin Threxton R.

Honest and comfortable ergonomics have made it easier to ride long distances than the Thruxton R. and although the. Ohlins units are not fully adjustable in the suspension. The 41 mm kb of the front-of-the-line cartridges in front, and the two front-adjustable BRB jets. Tends to attractive motorcycles to drive on the attractive mountain the road. The brakes are processed by a double 305-mm drive.

Which grows in front of the four axes of the four-wheel drive support for the 4-axle brambo and one two-piston Nissin car with one 220 mm drive on the rear wheel. . . The Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires provide very well. Hold even when it is folded, and the standard ABS ensures that there is a fixed stopping force.

The 2019 Triumph Speed ​​Twin is definitely a very capable addition to the Bonneville family. It is located between Bonneville T20 and Thruxton R. To make the exhibition and make it very attractive as a modern classic. For India, the Triumph Speed ​​Twin. Will be manufactured in Thailand at the Triomf plant and free trade agreements will be signed. So prices are expected to. be attractive.

And pricing will be important for Speed ​​Twin being accepted in India. If the price of Triumph Speed ​​Twin may be less than 11 thousand rubles. Then perhaps between 5-10-10.5 million. The latest Bonneville seems to be all about creating a display-oriented, popular, modern classic. Prices for India will be announced when the bike is launched, somewhere in March 2019.


Just as powerful but lighter
At the heart of the Speed, Twin is Triumph big 1200cc parallel-twin motor which highly features.


Engine size                                                 1200cc
Engine type                                                Liquid-cooled, 8v parallel twin
Frame type                                                Tubular steel with aluminum cradle
Fuel capacity                                              14.5 liters
Seat height                                                  807mm
Bike weight                                                 196kg
Front suspension                                      41mm KYB forks, non-adjustable
Rear suspension                                       Twin KYB shocks, preload adjustable
Front brake                                               2 x 305mm discs with four-piston Brembo calipers. ABS
Rear brake                                                 220mm rear disc with single-piston Nissin caliper. ABS
Front tire size                                           120/70 x 17
Rear tire size                                              160/60 x 1

Model info

Year introduced                                          2019
Year discontinued                                         –
New price                                                    £10,500
Used price                                                          –
Warranty term                                          Two years



Max power                                                 96 bhp
Max torque                                                   83 ft-lb
Top speed                                               135 mph
1/4-mile acceleration                                     –
Average fuel consumption                            –
Tank range                                                          –


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