Jio 5G Sim Out Now?-Reliance Jio 5G Plans Speed {Updated}

 Jio 5G

After the adoption of 2G, 3G and 4G, the government of India is ready to take the first call, which is the new 5G wireless standard. It should be commercially available in 2020 in the Indian market. But JIO 5G is happening on a much earlier timeline: this January 2019. India with some very cheap rates and Super fast speed. So in this guide we will tell you Everything About Jio 5G we know so far.


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We all know very well that Airtel, which is Jio’s biggest competitor, has already started testing 5G networks in India and is one of the fastest growing telecommunications providers in India. Finally, it will also launch 5G in India. So, in this article, we will discuss things we know about 5G services so far.


Launch date of Reliance Jio 5G in India

Jio 5G launch date at the end of 2018
Plan Tariff 10X
2.5Gbps speeds
Pre-payment and post-payment


The launch date of Jio 5g in India has not yet been confirmed, but, as we mentioned earlier, Airtel may launch a new 5G technology in India anytime soon, so we can expect Jio to arrive with its new services very soon from September to December.

  • 5G is the fifth generation of wireless networks which will offer higher speed mobile broadband for its end customers.
  • It is capable of delivering speeds of over one gigabyte per second and support several devices at once. This is a huge development in this field.
  • Meanwhile, it will harness all electrical, electronic devices and household appliances with internet in the near future.

Jio 5G Speed Test

It is expected that the speed of Jio 5G will be much higher than in previous years, the speed of 4G. The expected level of speed Jio 5G is still 2.5 Gbps, which can increase and decrease in different situations. So let’s wait for the official launch of 5G in India and let the confidence announce the exact speed yourself

Jio 5G device Price Buy

The jio 5G device will be completely different from the Jio 4G devices, but it has not yet been confirmed which jio device will be released in India. Last year, Jio launched 4G Volte in India, and yet there are many smartphones in India that lack Volte. Thus, it will be a very important factor that will be launched in India to allow existing devices to use 5g services in India.

Jio 5G Sim

The price of the simulator Jio 5G will remain the same as on the 4G SIM cards. Gio is well known for his revival in India, and the good news is that Gio will again bring a very big revolution in India. Currently in India, each network provider provides 128K sim, including Jio 4G Volte, but now with new services Jio plans to launch 5G sim 256K. In addition, you do not know what changes a 5G sim with a 256K chip will bring, so everyone will be able to store more contacts on their sim, and not only that, but the new sim 5G will be more effective in all respects.

Jio 5G mobile

Currently, most smartphones in India support 4G and 3G networks, but India still has many smartphones that support 5G networks, and some of them are:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Google pixel 2
Google Pixel 2 Xl
Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 +

How to use Jio 5G in 4G mobile phones

Therefore, when Jio launched 4G services in India, most users asked how to use jio 4g on 3G mobile phones, but now that jio finally launches 5g Sim india, we expect a lot of questions, such as how to use jio 5G on 4g smartphones. Thus, the clear answer to this question is that at the moment there is no way you can use 5g on 4g android mobile, however, above this section, we also told you about some smartphones in India that support 5G services. Thus, as soon as services are officially announced, you can use 5g in 4g mobile phones with root and without root.

Jio 5G mobile booking

Jio recently launched the long-awaited Jio 4G mobile phone in India a few days ago, and the smartphone received many orders in no time. Now let’s move on to booking 5G for mobile devices, so jio will certainly launch the Feature phone, which will support the 5G network. Therefore, by launching the support Jio New 5G Sim mobile, you can make an order to buy it.

So this is all about the new Jio Sim, which will be launched soon. As we said earlier, Airtel also plans to launch 5G services in India as soon as possible, so this will be a very tough competition between the two main telecommunication service providers in India.

Not only Airtel and jio, but many other major network providers, such as Vodafone, the idea, BSNL are also planning to launch new services in India.

So this , the new release date of 5G India, Plans for price and speed. If you have any doubts, feel free to write in the comments section below.

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