PUBG More Dangerous Than Alcohol:J&K student boy requests governor to ban game:due to poor board exam results

PUBG More Dangerous Than Alcohol


PUBG game wants banning to bad results of 10th&12th results:

It may be the most popular game in the world now, but the Battle Ground (PUBG) Player Underground has always turned to the need to stop, because its use seems to be unable to postpone play and do other things, such as living a real life.PUBG More Dangerous Than Alcohol

According to Pristina Kashmir and other government officials, Jammu and the Kashmir Students Association (JKSA) asked the governor Satya Pal Naik to quickly prevent the PUBG, due to its dependency and the negative results of the class X and XII survey committee.PUBG More Dangerous Than Alcohol

PUBG Mobile has been a rage among mobile phone users, especially teenagers. According to the latest reports, it has more than 200 million installations and more than 30 million active users worldwide. There are also a huge number of fans in India, but many parents are unhappy with the current trend when children become addicted to it and neglect research that leads to low grades in exams.

In most cases, children are so absorbed in searching for PUBG Mobile to fulfill the mission that they neglect not. This obviously annoys the parents, and some take a punitive dedication to the children, picking up the phones, which ultimately leads to a psychological breakthrough.

In several urban areas, children enter rehabilitation centers to recover from game enslavement.

The latest report, JKSA Chairman Abrar Ahmad Bhat called the game a futures spoiler, and Vice Chairman Rakif Mahdi said.

The game should have been banned immediately after the poor performance of the 12th and 10th-grade results, but we still haven’t seen any action.

Addition to this game has become more important than adding to drugs, as we can see young people.

24 hours on mobile phones and play the game and do nothing.

This is not the first case when bans are imposed on a highly gaming application.

As previously reported, some schools in.

Bangalore warned parents about the harmful effects of playing a game.

Indeed, there have already been six cases of dependence on PUBG at J & K, the last of which was discovered less than a week ago when a fitness coach from Jammu was admitted to hospital because of his addiction to playing.

One of the doctors treating him said to the publication.

At the moment the patient is unstable and has partially lost composure.”

India is not the only place where PUBG ran into the problem of the Ethics Review Committee of China.

Online games, which reportedly banned the game last December.

.PUBG More Dangerous Than Alcohol

The doctor said “The Patient is unstable at the moment and has partially lost his mental balance.

Last Month, the chief warden of a private engineering college in Tamil Nadu .

Had also banned the game due to addictive and aggressive nature in the hostel.

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