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Brief description of Snapseed (Android and iOS)



Snapspeed Review is an IOS-based image editor, nicer software, best of all the kinds of photoshop and LightRoom plugins that generate some. Hence, expectations for the  5 were increased, and they met in many ways. However, when Google bought Nick Software, the apps’ future was questioned and opened its eyes to the future of the best editing application. After 3 months, Google DNA has gone into Snapseed, it’s not too bad. Read our full review to verify what’s new in this key section application.

Snapspeed Specs

Version: 2.17 (both Android and iOS)
Devices: iOS and Android
File types are supported: DNG (in Android), 140 RAW formats (in iOS), JPEG
Sharing options: nothing in the app, but it’s easy to share with installed apps like Facebook, Instagram, as well as email and text messaging.


Copy image – use to automatically adjust for instant fixes, use ambiance to create depth and vibrancy that uniquely describes colors, fine-tune brightness, saturation, contrast and more
Details – enhance details using traditional sheeting or unique structural control that pops up the topic of a photo
Crop – standardized aspect ratios or crop images to a free crop

 Rotate – easily rotate through 90 °, straighten up, or rotate as much as you need
Convert – Arrange views in vertical and horizontal axes, and fill in empty spaces after rotation.
Brush – Select the applications that are selected to the parts of an image
Selective adjust – Create accurate selections and enhancements to specific areas of your photos within seconds with the revolutionary U-Point technology of Nick Software
Remove the dust and dirt from the film without healing
Wicket – Set the subject of an image. Effects hold a restriction to keep it free.


Stacks provide a list of filters that you have edited, copied, copied, or applied to another image.
Use stacks to get back on time.
Re-edit the filter at any time!
• Remove the filter in any position on the scale.
Use the new stack brush to paint any applied filter in the application.


Lens effect – notice the photo object by turning the face and adjusting the brightness of the surrounding background.
Glamor Glow – Add glow to the image. This is especially for glamor and fashion photography.
Tonal contrast – provide the best contrasts in shadows and highlights, using the right exposure control
HDR-Skep – give your images a great view, creating effects of repeated exposure
Drama – from style to fine artists and artistic effects, add style to a specially designed design for your photo
Grunge – sharp look with strong styles and texture overlay.

Grainy film – get a modern look with a realistic grain engine
Vintage – create any photo as a vintage color film from the 50s, 60s, or 70s.
Clean your photos with retroflex – light leaks, scratches, film styles and more
A 100 – modern black and white film, realistic grain engine and a new effect of “washing”
Black & White — Classic black and white for this filter for a dark room.
Frames – add unfilled frames to photos for proper finishing

Photographer’s tool Snapspeed

For detailed oriented photographers, Snapseed is not only fun but also exciting. We only go through exposure, color, masking, recycling tools, brushes, and filters when we tested with different settings. Since editing is uncorrected, you can always go to the stack (layers of edits) and adjust any editing (spelling correction). Or you can use a stack brush to apply only one part of your image. For example, if you are using a B & W filter in your entire image, you can paint all the colors or colors in specific areas in the stack.


Adds Snapseed Photo Tools to the Arsenal. In new areas, such as the new Curves Exposure Dialog are very effective and effective. However, the new expansion tool had mixed effects, which extends an image by copying the image data to fill the space on the new outbound version. The problem with the expression tool is that it can not find the data without it. So it only works in such images, and there is a similarity of the grass in it, such as a part of the grass or a clear blue bladder.

The new face pose tool is very fun, portable to create a slightly different pose and cannot keep your ear fixed, or fix the distance to the distance. Only works with images with the same face, which maps it to a 3D model. It also uses the person’s approval. It lets you organize your individual’s students or smiles independently. Our results with face-to-face were precise and attractive.

Using Snapspeed

Snapseed gestures are used to edit photos. For example, switches down or down to select from tonal, brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, highlights, shadows, and colors. Swipe either left or right to increase or decrease the effect of that effect. While Snapseed is generally well-written information on helpful tutorials. Other key controls, such as pinching and gestures to resize browsing, are spoken by other users.

What customers say

Snapseed is followed fairly loyally among serious photographers and constantly expresses the “compulsory” photo application. Many users claim that they no longer use Photoshop (or rarely). On iTunes, 8,000+ reviews average 4 stars, Google play rate, average 4.5 stars have been snapped. Additional complaints, such as the brush, will ask for softening or removal of parts of the new double exposure filter. Which can be done with stacks brush). Some longtime users have been displeased with this application after Google accepted it. The simple interface is said to have taken some creative options.

Line below

All the “Photos” applications that we tested for many years were good for serious photographers who work with photo libraries with pictures. We recommend PicsArt for consumer photographers who make it more interesting and share accurate editing. Fox wins recommends a wide selection of unobtrusive high-quality devices for portrait trading. But Snapseed is a must-have app for the benefits they want to work on with their photos on the go.



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